Tree Stump Removal – 2 Steps to Save Your Trees

Perhaps you recently got a damaged tree from your yard removed and now want to get rid of the remaining stump from the root system. Or maybe you have had an old stump in your yard for many years and are looking to improve your landscape. There are so many good reasons to get rid of a tree stump, yet some of the top considerations to think about before tree stump removal are…

First, you must realize that there are two basic types of tree stump removal – the first involves the use of an insecticide. While many people are happy with this method as it kills off the insects and prevents new ones from establishing themselves, it can also damage your soil in the process. A slow process, insecticide based removal does work well, but the expense is often worth it only if the damage is minimal.

The second form of tree stump removal involves the use of a taproot cutter. Unlike the insecticide application, this process actually damages the roots so they will never re-appear. To do this, the operator of the machine cuts a hole in the center of the taproot. Then the operator inserts a steel blade into the hole and slowly moves it toward the taproot. As it grows, the blades will cut it free.

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