Naming Ceremony – A Celebration of Identity and Independence

naming ceremony

A naming ceremony is an occasion where an individual or people is officially designated a new name. The procedures of this ceremony vary greatly over different religions and cultures. Sometimes the time at which a new name is given can range from a few days following birth to many months or years later. Other times it may only last a few minutes, depending upon the culture and religion practiced in the area in which the ceremony is taking place. In most cases, the individual or individuals involved in the naming will be closely observed by a member of the family or group for several hours prior to the actual naming. Read Full Article

Naming Ceremony – The procedures of this ceremony vary greatly over different religions and cultures

During a naming ceremony, there can be many different symbolic or spiritual content. Some families choose to have readings read aloud. This can include bible verses, written vows, or special sayings. Often, it may also include songs, poems or stories. While this can be a time of great celebration, it can also be one of sadness as well. For some, learning of their new identity as a child is difficult to hear.


With today’s more non-religious ways of celebrating birthdays and naming ceremonies, many people are choosing not to celebrate this type of event with a religious connotation. For these people, there are several ways to celebrate and recognize the individual who has been called into their family, regardless of their religion or lack of religion. It is important to remember that naming ceremonies are really just a celebration of the individual’s uniqueness and the fact that he or she has been given a new life.

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