How to Choose the Right Company For Your Asbestos Cleaning Needs

Asbestos Removal Phase One is Frankston’s first dedicated asbestos removal and dismantling. If you’re searching for experienced, professional and friendly one on one service then contact us now for your top-class service. Contact Asbestos Frankston on the internet or walk into our store to get free information. We offer our customers a choice of modern and contemporary asbestos disposal equipment, as well as a wide range of asbestos disposal containers. Our expert technicians will dispose of your waste in the most environmentally sound manner possible.

How to Choose the Right Company For Your Asbestos Cleaning Needs

Asbestos removal is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a team of highly trained experts who have the skills and equipment to safely remove the files and place them securely in an area that is safe for re-use. There are many companies in the industry that specialise in asbestos removal but only a few that are able to remove asbestos with complete safety and effectiveness. Frankston Asbestos is proud to be associated with only those companies who are dedicated to providing you with the best quality asbestos disposal equipment, waste management and asbestos disposal advice available. Whether it is an office or commercial building that you have concerns about, whether it is a pre-existing construction site, a damaged house or a vacant lot, we can give you the assurance that we will carry out all of your requirements with the highest levels of professionalism.

With our fully equipped waste and recycling centre, it is easy to keep your industrial premises clean, dry and safe. You may even choose to place your asbestos removal order online so that you can place the waste in our containers directly from our secure warehouse, without ever leaving our premises. If you have any queries regarding your current waste management or the placement of new waste orders, don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your options and come up with the ideal solution to satisfy your specific needs. When it comes to asbestos removal and the prevention of further asbestos related damage, our commitment is to you, the customer.

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