New Technology For A Roofing Business

Are you planning to open a roofing business? Are you already running a roofing business but simply are not sure whether or not all of your bases are covered; if any? Maybe you have already gained some much needed insight as to what some of the newer established roofing operations could be doing differently; and what all established roofing businesses could be doing even better. Now, is there room for you in all of this? You bet there is and I would like to show you how.

How You Can Pick the Right Roofer?

In this article, I want to share with you a few ideas of what some of the changes have been within the roofing process over the last several years that are now available for property owners to take advantage of. One major change has come from the National Roofing Contractors Association (RNCA) and their Product Performance Management (PPM) program. This system has streamlined many of the processes that the previous roofers and contractors were required to go through. The new simplified system, or product, portfolio review, has streamlined many aspects of the roof inspection process. Most importantly it allows the contractor and the roofer to more effectively negotiate with the property owners for a fair and competitive bid and a fair closing price.

Another big change that has come from the National Roofing Contractors Association and its Product Performance Management program is the implementation of a Structured Purchase Agreement (SPA). The SPA offers a property owner a simplified contract with their contractor. This contract allows the contractor and the property owners to outline all of the costs and materials necessary to get the job done. By taking all of the confusion out of the roof inspection and bid process, the homeowner or contractor has more bargaining power and can get a fair deal from the outset.